Buro das Boot pursues to create authentic work for brands and businesses. Work that’s visually appealling and serves it’s purpose. Whether it’s

visual storytelling through illustration (1), bringing brands to life with custom logo-design (2), graphic design (3) and print (4), or working

on my
own projects such as Konvoi.

      1. Illustration

2. Logo-design

3. Graphic design

4. Print

5. Own projects
      In the fields of editorial - and commercial Illustration, character design, packaging and storyboarding.

Custom logo-design for Start-ups and existing Brands, big or small.

The design of Business cards, Posters, Flyers, Banners, stickers and T-shirts.

Burodasboot works closely together with several trusted Printers for all your promotional stuff.

Occasionally working on self - initiated projects covering all the above fields of design.